Since April 2011, The owners of Shadyside Nursery, brothers Bill Brittain and Mike Georges have worked hard to provide Pittsburgh neighborhoods with quality plants, gardening supplies, and landscaping services. The nursery has now evolved into a multi-use green space that hosts workshops, community events for Shadyside, and also houses two additional local small businesses: Shadyside Worms and BeeBoy hives & honey.

The nursery’s focus has been on providing small business expertise to local gardeners and horticulturists, as well as providing an alternative to the big box stores that would rather create partnerships with big corporations than partnerships with their customers. The Nursery works hard to provide local and organic options for gardeners. Our customers are supporting a family owned business, not just a bottom line.

For the past three years Shadyside Nursery has expanded its community building by launching Weather Permitting, a family-friendly, outdoor BBQ-style summer concert series that features rotating bands, food trucks and more. Shadyside has a great outdoor space for families and friends to visit throughout the summer and connect with one another.


Beautify your backyard

You will find everything you need for a DIY gardening project, or if you don’t have time, just hire landscapers at Shadyside Nursery.

You won’t be disappointed by the selection of landscaping plants, vegetables, trees, compost, stone, and even garden art at our store.

Creating your backyard paradise

You won’t feel like leaving for vacation after our landscapers create the perfect haven right on your own land. Whether you love to entertain outdoors, or just relax with a book in the backyard, we can provide the perfect environment for you.

Quality, affordable, yard and garden landscaping

  • Landscaping services
    • Spring Cleanups
    • Installation
    • Hardscaping
    • Pond construction
    • Deck Construction
    • Need more? Ask us!

Contact us at 412-363-5845 or stop in at 510 Maryland Ave. for garden supplies or complete landscaping services.



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